'Thank you so much for your tenacity in finding discontinued bolts for my Everest conservatory patio doors. I very much appreciate the time you have spent, as my joiner tried for 4 months to locate bolts to fit the door and from many English manufacturers, but to no avail. - Liz in Scotland'


'I cannot speak more highly of the service I have received, without them I would have needed a new door at considerable cost.  Recently the plastic plate that guides the top shoot bolt has disintegrated, meaning that the three-point locking cannot be used.  I had little hope that a replacement could be obtained but I contacted a number of possible suppliers, including Complete Aluminium Spares (CAS).  With the exception of CAS no one could help.
A big thank you to everyone involved.- Peter in Warwickshire'


“I was given the number of Complete Aluminium spares whilst on my hunt for a replacement Sapa handle. I left a message over the weekend and I have to be honest, I didn't hold much hope in hearing from anyone such is my experience of these things. However, straight after the bank holiday I received a call and two days later having sent some pictures, my part was on its way. I cannot fault the efficiency of this company” - Georgina in Exeter. 


After being let down badly by my installer who couldn’t organise the resolution of an outstanding issue, I was recommended to contact Complete Aluminium Spares who identified the missing part and I was able to finish the job. This was an obscure item but it didn’t seem a problem for CAS. I am impressed by their knowledge and the service they provide. - George (Nov 2018)


“ I had a problem with the roller bearings on my patio sliding door. The manufacturer recommend Complete Aluminium Spares Ltd for replacement parts. I contacted them and found their workforce to be very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends and family.

R.B. West Cornwall” (Jan, 2019).

"please thank them again for me! They’ve done a fantastic job and fixed the gap. I never expected to be as delighted as this about a door, but it’ll make a huge difference to us. Thanks for all of your help, we will pass around your details"  AP -Manchester  (March 2019)

"Sarah,  you've been a great help and very responsive. Wish other organisations had customer support as good as this!"  James. R. (August 2019).

"Very pleased with the service from Complete Aluminium Spares Ltd.  They took the time to make sure all the problems with my Schuco doors could be fixed in one visit, scheduled and completed the work accordingly in a timely fashion.  Very helpful and pleasant to deal with.  I would highly recommend."  Sarah. C. (January 2020).

"Was exactly what I needed and ordered. However, the shipping was very expensive even with a £10 discount code. Despite this I would definitely buy again." (Jas May 2020

" I would thoroughly recommend CAS for their great customer service especially from Sophie Castledine-Pearce who assisted in finding and ordering some replacement Shuco double glazing window handles, keep up the good work." - David. L (May 2020)