Plastic Peg Drive
Plastic Peg Drive

Plastic Peg Drive

Complete Aluminium Spares

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Black Plastic Peg Prong Drive Blade Fork Type Aluminium Window Lock Fit Connects To Window Drive Lock.

This is the black peg drive part that is usually the bit that breaks on this type of blade handle-operated window lock and once broken means the window is no longer able to be opened. By removing the old broken black nylon plastic peg part and replacing it with the new one you can successfully repair the window lock and restore it back to full working order.

These types of blade peg prong-type locks were often used on the old-style aluminium window systems and were once widely used by many of the national fabricators. However, due to their old age, they have now become obsolete and no longer available but we have been able to source a limited number of these parts for our customers.

What You Will Receive:

1 X Plastic Peg